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My mission is that, I want to share with the world the most beautiful guitar journey through performing and teaching.

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Guitar Lessons

I am going to share with my students everything that learnt throughout these years from my tutors. However, one need to understand that without effort, sacrifice, dedication and practice no progress is achieved – no matter how good the teacher is. Every student must find some time to practice during the day. It is useless to be equipped with the best guitars, amps, sound effects and so on – they do not play on their own!

I am going to start giving lessons of Guitar and Theory from Preliminary to Diplomas. All ages are welcome except very young children (under 6 years). Those who wish to try out a couple of lessons before buying the guitar are also welcome – in that case they can use my guitars during the lesson. Moreover, students who own a guitar, but for a reason or another cannot bring it along for the lesson, are provided with one too.

Versatile session Artist

Guitar Session Services

I am a versatile guitarist that had many different experiences with many different musicians that helped me a lot to grow in my carrier. I offer my session services to play in any events like wedding church ceremonies, Bands (Rock, Metal, Blues, and Jazz), also in the Annual feast programs. I like to share my music with everyone and with every style.

about me

I am a qualified guitarist from RGT. I’ve been playing guitar for 14 years. My inspiration to start playing the guitar was since I was just a little girl at the age of 7. Back in the time, I used to listen to a lot of bands and guitarists, from Black Sabbath to the Shadows. The fact that the majority of famous guitarists were all men, I kept holding back until I saw Joan Jett and Courtney Love on T.V. In 2007 I started to take my first guitar lessons with Marc Galea at the Euro Institute Hamrun Malta. Marc inspired me to further my studies and get qualified. In 2018 I was graduated with an LLCM Diploma in Electric Guitar performance.

In 2009 I started to take lessons of the Theory of Music with Mro. Ray Sciberras and Ms. Rita Micallef, which in 2020 I got the Grade 8 level. My first performance goes back in 2012 when I joined an Ensemble called Valletta Ensemble directed by Mro.Roderick Bugeja and Valhmor Monfort. From that year many opportunities came up and I started to play in various events as a session guitarist which included different musicians with different styles. From Annual Feast programs to Metal/Rock bands and weddings. In August same year I had the opportunity to study in Jazz Festival in Sicily. In 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic, I started teaching with online lessons. 

My aim was to encourage others to play guitar during the horrible period and a least do something positive to keep themselves motivated. From that time ‘till now got really well to teaching and I started to give a lesson as individual attention as online and as Face-to-face lessons, from beginners to advanced level. 

All essentials to

really own your guitar

Basic Chords, Barre Chords, Power Chords, Arpeggios, Knowledge of the Guitar Fingerboard (Chromatic Scales), Scales (major, minor, pentatonic, blues and modes), Lead Playing and Improvisation, Rhythm Playing, Read standard notation (music notes), Read tablature, Other useful techniques (hammer-Ons, pull-offs, bending, harmonics, etc…) Finger-picking, Various types of strumming, Ear Training, Chord construction, inversion and transposition, 12-Bar Blues, More detailed theory, and much more!

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No, amp is provided for the lesson.

Yes, the lessons I provide are 1 to 1 full individual attention.
Depends on the event, hours and location. More info given to those who are interested in my session service.
Whatever makes you want to play guitar! Although the myth is that you have to start to learn the Acoustic before the Electric but there is no general rule which one you choose. As long as they make you happy both are good.

The best age to start guitar lessons is around the age of 7 years old.

Yes, I do as a digital form. Send them to the student or parent.

Yes, first you need to buy the RGT book for the required syllabus and then students can apply for the RGT London College of Music exams.

No, it doesn’t, it’s never too late to start playing the guitar.

I play my wedding repertoire, suitable for the occasion. I play instrumental using the backing tracks as an accompaniment.

I teach in Birgu/Vittoriosa and also offer online skype service.

As much as you want, it’s a very complex instrument and you always keep learning something new through experiences.

Let’s start your Guitar Journey.

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